Tuesday 5 February 2008

House of Common Criminals

The $#!t has now hit the fan about the abuse of parliamentary expenses.

This comes hot on the heels of the scandal of illegal donations to MPs - although, if you ask me, all donations from rich individuals should be illegal, as they can lead to MPs taking more notice of unelected rich capitalists than of the (predominantly working class) electorate (as if they didn't already).

Also, why did they need to resort to taking bribes from the rich, when they've got such a lucrative Bisto Express, leeching "expenses" from the taxpayer.

Then again, what is interesting is that it has been Labour MPs who have been implicated in taking private donations, while Tory MPs have been implicated in taking publically-funded parliamentary expenses. Funny, I always thought the Tories were more in favour of private funding than public funding. And I still remember the good old days when Labour were more in favour of public funding than private profiteering.

It's not even as if MPs are poorly paid. If anything, it's the cushy pay and conditions of being an MP which makes even working class people, once elected, drift away from those who elected them and end up licking the @$$es of the capitalist Establishment.

I think MPs should earn the average workers' wage (approx £22,000/year), travelling expenses should be limited to second class rail fare, and MPs' accommodation in London should be a cheap-and-cheerful B&B or small flat. Just like what is afforded to most workers, when we are on work attachment away from home.

After all, while MPs get to give sinecurs to their family and the mortgages paid on their second homes, no such luxuries are afforded to those who have been failed by the capitalist system which all major parties love. We now have the grotesque spectacle of an allegedly Labour housing minister, Caroline Flint, threatening jobless people that they may risk losing their council or social housing if they don't find work (BBC News: 'Work or lose home' says minister)

If you ask me, MPs should be made to do the job they are paid to do, and listen to the working class people (who voted them in and whose taxes are paying their wages!). Or face getting kicked out of the House Of Commons :-P

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