Tuesday 22 April 2008

Oil support the refinery strike

Workers at the Grangemouth oil refinery are due to strike on Saturday and Sunday, over attempts by the company to raid the workers' pension fund (BBC News: Government warning over fuel row). I support the strike, even at risk of hardship to myself (being a 100-mile-a-day commuter), just as I support the teachers' strike and public sector workers' strike planned for Thursday 24th.

I am especially appalled by the actions of Grangemouth's owners, Ineos, which could condemn their workers to poverty in old age - remember Robert Maxwell! In any case, with petrol (and diesel) prices at £1.stupid per litre and skyrocketing, what possible excuse do they have for raiding their workers' pensions? It can't possibly be low profits !!!

Meanwhile, not only the UK government, but also the SNP-dominated Scottish Assembly, are whining about the workers striking because of the disruption it will cause, barely mentioning the despicable actions of the oil bosses. Well, personally, I think Hugo Chavez of Venezuela has the right idea:

Nationalise the oil industry now!!!

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