Sunday 24 October 2010

Broken records

So Nick Clegg, leader of the LSD and deputy PM in the Con Dems, has been on Desert Island Discs. Dunno how much his choices say about him, although David Bowie "Life On Mars" is kinda appropriate - after all, he doesn't seem to live on this planet :P

It got me thinking, what records do we think could be dedicated to this lover of capitalism and lap-dog of Cameron? Well, here's a few suggestions:

Phats & Small "Turn Around" - he's certainly done a 180 on his pre-election promises!

Crazy World of Arthur Brown "Fire" - like the bonfire of public services he is overseeing.

Carol Bayer Sager "You're Moving Out Today" - could be dedicated to the council house tenants who will be shafted by the Con Dems' ending of council homes for life.

Soul II Soul "Keep On Movin'" - on a bus, dedicated to the unemployed :/

Jonathan Butler "Lies" - he told enough of those prior to the election!

Luther Vandross "I Really Didn't Mean It" - what he could now say about his pre-election promises!

Simply Red "Money's Too Tight To Mention" - well, unless you're a banker, boss or Con Dem fat cat!

Kaiser Chiefs "I Predict A Riot" - well, I certainly can, the way this government's pissing on us.

Finally, I think a certain record by Ivor Biggun kinda suits him. I think you know which one ...

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