Tuesday 2 December 2008

Warning: BBFC ruling contains Establishment prejudice

While reading DANmail today, I came across a thread about how the BBFC have given the label "disability themes" to the disability-related film Special People, along with a 12A rating (The Independent: Director's anger over comedy film's 'disability' warning). So not only have the capitalist Establishment brainwashed people into seeing disability as a negative, they're now also expecting us to view it as being just as taboo as "sex scenes", "violence" and "bad language" :-(

Well, while they're at it, I can think of a few more deserving "warnings" they could put on films. Films from Top Gun to BFG could include "Warning: contains glorification of militarism". A few, such as Who Dares Wins, could include "Warning: contains blatant right-wing propaganda". Many old Western films could include "Warning: contains negative images of American Indians". While countless more should warn that they contain negative or patronising images of a racist, sexist or - last but not least - disablist nature.

As well as challenging prejudices about people with disabilities, the fact that Special People is a relatively low-budget film (presumably by an independent company) can't have done it any favours among the capitalist Establishment, whose numbers include the bosses of the big Hollywood film companies. Not to mention overpaid actors, and writers. (Maybe Harry Potter films could have a "Warning: proceeds from this film may help fund a sell-out right-wing pseudo-workers' party" :-P )

For a more rational and more detailed description of Special People, check out Eye For Film's review of the film. Even better, it may be worth watching it for yourself.

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