Wednesday 4 April 2007

Don't talk back ...

I see Mansfield (about 10 miles to the south of my home village of Clowne) is set to get Talking CCTV, as detailed in this BBC News article.

I always did feel uneasy about CCTV invading my privacy. I know the Establishment's argument of "nothing to hide, nothing to fear" - an argument I may have slightly more time for were it not for the huge glut of new laws (over 1000 since New Labour came to power) creating a glut of new offences. And then there's ASBOs, which virtually allow the Police, local Councils, and other sections of the Establishment to make up the law as they go along.

I especially find it bitterly ironic that the expansion of CCTV in recent years has co-incided with increasing restrictions on the use of Camcorders or even still photography. (Here's an article I wrote earlier on the subject).

As for the idea of CCTV cameras where the person watching can give orders to the person he is watching, it kinda reminds me of the bit in 1984 when Winston Smith was bollocked by Big Brother for not putting enough effort into his exercise. Then again, considering the current obesity health panic, maybe I'd better not give this government ideas!

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