Sunday 1 April 2007

Hi from AKP

This is Anthony's new blog, dealing with recent news and political developments, and their implications.

It seems this government, on a weekly - sometimes even daily - basis, comes out with a stupid right-wing authoritarian idea which gets me really mad.

What's more, there sometimes seems to be no way of channeling that anger against the government. Certainly not in terms of voting, the main parliamentary "alternative" - ie the Tories - are more-or-less exactly as bad as New Labore (typo).

Where I live (Clowne), this year, there may not even be that threadbare option. Last year, in the County Council elections, Labour fielded the only candidate, who got in by default. In this year's county and parish council elections, it is far from impossible that this may be the case again.

Thankfully, even if I can't oppose the government at the ballot box, I can voice my opposition to the b***ards. Thanks to the internet - or more precisely, blogging - everyone can now voice their opinions online. This blog is my bite of the cherry.

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